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Teeth in a Day Procedure Explained

Do you want fix up your missing teeth in just one day? Are you tired of your dentures and you want to replace it with new and beautiful teeth? The world of dentistry is offering the humanity with alternatives to missing teeth. If you have one, two or many missing teeth, there is nothing to worry about because of the effective and possible alternatives. Dental implants are the most efficient way in order to restore your beautiful teeth.

All-on-four is popularly known as Teeth in a Day. This is a technique that makes use of the 4 dental implants in order to attach new set of enduring replacement teeth. The dental implants which are used in the procedure are well designed for instant function. It does not need bone grafting. For some cases, the patients who lack bone volume are required to support the traditional implants. They are given the chance to enjoy the different benefits of the Teeth in a Day procedure. What are its benefits?

  • The recovery time is very minimal.
  • Bone grafting is no longer needed.
  • Allows easy maintenance by means of proper hygiene.
  • It restores your ability to take in all sorts of foods.
  • It will relieve your frustrations about your removable denture.
  • In just one day, you can now wear a bigger smile.
  • It enhances self-esteem as well as the quality of life.

The teeth in a day or all-on-four will enable you have a beautiful and stronger teeth. Because of the rigid structure of cross-stabilization and replacement teeth that is offered by dental implants, you will go home with big smile. After the procedure, you can now go home with new sets of teeth in just one day.  The teeth in one day procedure are done by oral surgeons, lab technician and restorative technician while you are comfortable and asleep. They are safely utilizing the intravenous sedation.

The procedure including the necessary extractions is completed in just one day. The recovery time is very minimal and you don’t have to sacrifice your diet. You can eat all the foods that you want to eat because it will not slip out just like your dentures. This procedure will result into functional teeth that feel and look natural and allow every person to enjoy activities and foods. After the procedure, the patient should make sure that he or she will still consult the dentist. After 6 months, your gums are already fully healed and the dental implants are already fused to your natural bone, the all-on-four will still take advance impressions on the mouth of the patients. They will also prepare stronger, final as well as permanent teeth adjusted for perfect fit. It will help the patient to have long lasting teeth life and it will also provide the patient with maximum beauty, support as well as function.

Whether you miss lots of teeth, the teeth in a day will be the best solution for that. The moment your visited your dentist, you will go home with beautiful and new teeth. All-on-four will help you achieve stronger, new and beautiful teeth.

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