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Can you explain a Root Canal?

Root canals are the boogeyman of the dental world, often the fear doesn’t hold up when you finally peek under the bed. Being one of the most misunderstood procedures lets begin with what a root canal procedure actually does.

Firstly the root canal is the hollow area of every tooth that holds soft tissues such as connective tissue, nerves and blood vessels. A root canal procedure happens when the tooth is infected or likely to become deeply infected. These infections, along with causing other illnesses can cause intense pain to the infected area, and a root canal procedure opens up the tooth to clean and fill the canal to stop the infection and the pain.

There are a lot of myths surrounding root canals, the most pervasive being that the procedure itself causes a lot of pain. Of course the procedure actually removes incredible pain coming from infected canals, pushing on nerve endings. Most of these rumors don’t spread from those who have had the procedure many of whom are far more likely to rate it painless than those who have simply heard about the procedure second hand. Many rumors spread from a friend of a friend who had the procedure and was in a lot of pain, or a quick sub-plot of your favorite tv show. But the procedure, as with most procedures, removes the existing pain and rarely adds any additional pain.

Another odd rumor that has gained steam around root canals is that root canals cause illness. Much of this hearsay comes from a single doctor’s work nearly a hundred years ago, since then there has been no widespread repeating of his work. The idea is that a root canal is full of bacteria that becomes unearthed and can cause illness after the procedure. However not only is the procedure designed to eliminate harmful bacteria from the canal and stop illness, the nonharmful bacteria are not an uncommon occurrence in every mouth.

Now a lot of patients want to know when they need to get a root canal procedure. Often people believe that he procedure can only occur once you are in pain from the infection. And sometimes the infection is unfortunately not found until pain begins. However if the infection or illness is detected and can be rectified quickly there is no pain involved. You do not actually have to be in pain before having the procedure.

There are a lot of strange rumors that accompany one of the most feared and yet fairly common procedures that don’t hold up under the light of day and experience.  Root canals can seem like a scary dental procedure, but they should be more often seen as an essential and common solution to the actual problem. So take a look under the bed people, ask your dentist or someone who has had the procedure about root canals, and you’ll see there is really no boogeyman there after all.

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