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Do you offer BOTOX for headaches or jaw pain?

When dentists started offering BOTOX Cosmetic to their patients for cosmetic reasons, they discovered an unexpected side effect. Because BOTOX works by relaxing your muscles, many patients discovered that BOTOX reduced their tension headaches. When your facial muscles relax, it allows your facial tension to diminish and even disappear.

The fact is that your face is expressive and it contains dozens of muscles to help you show the world how you feel. You use them to express joy, fear, sadness, stress, and anger. Because your facial muscles remain busy all day, overuse can cause tension headaches. When we inject BOTOX Cosmetic into your muscles, they begin to relax.

It stands to reason that if BOTOX works for your facial muscles, it can work for your jaw muscles, as well. Your jaw muscles are capable of exerting exceptional force, so when you clench, grind, or posture, you can create muscle pains, spasms, and headaches. 

When we inject BOTOX into your jaw, it helps your jaw muscles to relax and prevents your jaws from exerting the amount of force they used to on your teeth. Treatment may help to reduce jaw pain and protect your teeth from excessive wear and tear from grinding.