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Our comprehensive approach to patient care is what really sets us apart. We focus on our patients as people by spending quality time to get to know you and learning about your concerns. That way, when you see us for treatment, we take care of what is most important to you.

Why do I need a crown instead of a filling?

Fillings are good for small areas of decay and for situations that require dental bonding. They protect your tooth and keep out bacteria, preventing decay. Fillings typically last a long time and cause few problems for people but they do not address more serious issues like cracks.

If your tooth has a crack, we need something to hold it together. A filling is not the correct tool for the job. A filling does exactly what is says and “fills” space. A dental crown is more like a protective cover we can place over your tooth to keep it from splitting. A dental crown also helps to absorb some of the force from chewing. Since dental crowns completely encase your tooth, they provide the best protection available to keep you out of pain and trouble.

When we make recommendations for treatment, we always want to recommend what will keep you the healthiest for the longest time. We treat our patients like we treat our own cherished families. We focus on prevention and early diagnosis so that we can minimize your problems in the future.

Though we may make recommendations, ultimately, any decisions about your treatment are yours to make.

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