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Our comprehensive approach to patient care is what really sets us apart. We focus on our patients as people by spending quality time to get to know you and learning about your concerns. That way, when you see us for treatment, we take care of what is most important to you.

Are dental implants worth the expense?

If you have missing teeth, you have some big decisions to make in order to protect the health, beauty, and function of your smile. Leaving gaps in your smile can cause your teeth to tip and shift toward the gaps and can create serious trouble for your remaining teeth. When your teeth shift, your bite may not come together correctly and then you have a whole new set of problems.

At Lifestyle Dental Group, we are completely committed to helping you find the tooth replacement solution that best meets your needs and lifestyle.

Many of our patients choose to replace their missing teeth with dental implants. Dental implants can vary in cost from office to office. Sometimes dentists will refer you to an oral surgeon for implant placement, but at both our Boca Raton and Ft. Lauderdale dental offices, we can place and restore your dental implants onsite. This provides exceptional continuity of care and convenience.

When we place and restore your dental implants, we can monitor your healing, your treatment progresses more smoothly, and you have the benefit of working with our highly skilled dental team.

When you schedule your evaluation, we can outline the costs of your treatment and explain all of your options so you can make the best decision for your long-term oral health.

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