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The Price your Smile Pays for Your Habit

You pay for your tobacco use in a number of ways and your smile takes its share of the burden. Since it is the end of the year and you might be thinking about your resolutions for 2015, we wanted to remind you of the commitment we at Lifestyle Dental group have to your health and supporting you in your journey of smoking cessation.

How Smoking Affects Your Smile

Smoking affects your smile in a number of ways. In fact is one of the things that you can control to improve your appearance right away.

Wrinkles – Smoking causes wrinkles around your lips and mouth, making you look older than you really are. It creates the appearance of a longer area between your nose and upper lip as well as deep, feathered wrinkles around your lips. Constant smoking also stresses the skin because of exposure to the carcinogens found in cigarette smoke.

Stains – Obviously, smoking and oral tobacco use does not do any favors for the color of your teeth The exposure to smoke and nicotine can also stain the skin on your face and fingers, making your color appear off and sickly.

Periodontal disease – Smokers are more likely to suffer from periodontal disease, which can lead to bad breath and tooth loss. Once tooth loss occurs, an entire chain reaction can cause a breakdown in your smile. Fortunately, Dr. Herzog and her team have effective tooth replacement solutions that protect your smile. The best protection is keeping your natural teeth and gums healthy!

Oral cancer – One of the most disfiguring cancers, oral cancer can involve the removal of part of your jaw, tongue, or facial structure. Quitting smoking now decreases your chances of oral cancer to that of a non-smoker after ten years. Maintaining your regular dental exams allows us to perform life-saving oral cancer screenings.

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