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Fort Lauderdale Dental Implants | Benefits of Dental Implants

4 Benefits of Dental Implants

Many people are missing teeth for some reason or another. Maybe they had a bad accident that knocked out a tooth or a couple of teeth? Or maybe they never took care of their teeth and had to have them taken out. Whatever the reason is, your normal life is greatly affected by that missing tooth. You no longer want to smile as big as you used to and you won’t be able to eat the things you used to love.

 And not only will it be uncomfortable without all your teeth, but when a tooth is lost, the rest of your natural teeth suffer. They can be tipped or crowded, creating more dental problems for you. You don’t have to live life without a tooth since you can opt to get dental implants, which are substitutes for the roots of missing teeth. They act an anchor for a replacement tooth or crown or a set of replacement teeth. Here are some reasons why you should think about getting them:

A Better Smile

If you’re missing a couple of teeth, you’re probably very hesitant to flash a wide smile. You’re probably too embarrassed and only grin now that you’re missing teeth. All that will change once you get dental implants. Since replacement teeth are made to look like your natural ones, you won’t be able to even tell that you have dental implants!


Replacement Teeth That Function Like Regular Teeth

Dental implants not only look like the rest of your natural teeth, but they feel and function like them, too! You won’t even notice that it’s a replacement tooth since they’re comfortable to chew, speak and smile with. And if dentures or partials are replaced with dental implants, a person’s quality of life is enhanced since they’ll be able to eat anything they want without having to worry about messy adhesives or slurred speech.


Easier To Care For

Since dental implants function like regular teeth, it’s much easier to care for them than other alternatives. A tooth-supported bridge requires you to use a floss threader for cleaning, while cleaning traditional dentures can be a pain. All you need to do is brush as you normally do for a complete cleaning.


Facial Structures Remain Intact

Dental implants prevent the bone resorption that happens when you loose teeth, thus preserving facial structures. This is especially important when all of a person’s teeth are gone since the lower one-third of the face can collapse if implants are not placed to preserve the bone.


Your smile should be your best asset and dental implants can make that happen even if you’ve lost a tooth or have missing teeth. Our office specializes in providing patients with quality dental implants to improve their quality of life and to keep them smiling for years to come. Visit our office in Fort Lauderdale, FL to learn more about how you can benefit from dental implants!