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Do Dental Implants Really Make a Difference?

With all of the hype in the media and hearing about dental implants at every turn, it can feel like they are too good to be true. The images of happy smiling patients may feel pretty far from where you are right now, but at Lifestyle Dental Group we understand dental implants, in which cases they work the best, how to leverage them to improve your health, and how to get you the best results for your investment.

While dental implants may seem full of hype, they really are the best tooth replacement option available because of the many benefits they offer. Not only have the materials improved over time, but the placement techniques, and also providing them for patients who originally couldn’t have them due to bone loss, and the ease of treatment all contribute to making them more accessible, affordable, and beneficial for many of our patients.

Improved Dental Function

Being able to eat, speak, and smile are some of the most important day-to-day activities we take for granted each day. If you have ever lost a tooth that interferes with your daily routines, you know what a pain it can be. 

Dental implants provide the structural stability needed so you can live your life without worry about the most basic functions.

Improved Appearance

Having a gap in your smile feels humiliating and one of the best ways to improve you appearance to appear both natural and attractive is with dental implants. Dental implants look and feel like your natural teeth, providing confidence and making it easy for you to smile again.

Preventing Bone Loss

One of the most beneficial qualities dental implants offer is the prevention of bone loss. Because dental implants anchor in your jawbone, they provide stability and restore the relationship that your teeth and jawbone share—one that helps retain your remaining bone and prevent unnecessary resorption.

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