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Not all Fillings are Created Equal

Our patients often pose interesting questions about things we take for granted. For example, why do some fillings cost more than others? Unless you’re in the dental field, you probably have never given much thought to why one filling is completely different from another or what makes them more or less complex.

Did you know that your teeth have multiple surfaces? When you have decay in your teeth, it is almost never completely contained in one area. You could have decay on the chewing surface of your teeth, in between your teeth, or both! When we remove decay and sterilize your tooth, how long it takes often depends on the size, shape, and location of the problem. 

Naturally, your front teeth are easier to reach and are smaller, containing fewer surfaces. Those filling may cost less because they are less complex and easier to place. For your molars, we are talking about a larger surface area, more material, and an area that is more difficult to reach, so it increases the complexity of your treatment.

We are very conservative when it comes to restorations and we do our best to retain as much of your natural tooth structure as possible. When we place a filling in your tooth, we find the balance between removing all of the bacteria and saving your tooth structure. Our team of dentists is highly skilled in the area of restorations and we use important diagnostic tools like digital imaging to help us determine how extensive your treatment will be. Once we begin, we may discover that you require more or less treatment depending on your case. 

If you ever have questions about your fillings, the size of your restorations, or why some procedures are more expensive or complex than others, we will happily discuss your case with you so that understand your treatment fully. We want you to feel confident and happy in your dental decisions.

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