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Do You Have Dental Benefits?

Dental InsuranceDid you know that insurance companies rely on people to let their benefits go to waste? In fact, dental insurance is quite expensive for the benefits you receive, so if you are not taking full advantage of your insurance, you may be throwing your money and your health out the window. Most insurance benefits turn over at the end of the year and what you have not used will go to waste.

Many people do not maintain their oral health in the same way that they take care of their medical health. However, your oral health affects your overall health in many ways:

Periodontal disease – Researchers linked gum disease to other serious systemic conditions such as high blood pressure, heart disease, diabetes, certain types of cancer, and low birth weight babies. When your gums have an infection, your entire body suffers the consequences.

Nutrition – When you have sore or missing teeth, you cannot eat the foods you need to stay healthy. Some of the most nutritious foods include fruits and vegetables and those are some of the most difficult foods to eat if you have dental problems.

Bone loss – Poor oral health leads to bone loss and can cause tooth loss. It also affects your facial structure and the options available to you for treatment in the future.

Oral cancer – Oral cancer is one of the deadliest forms of cancer because it is often diagnosed very late. Your dentist and the regular exams you receive is your best chance of survival from this deadly form of cancer.

When you utilize your benefits, you often receive two preventive appointments per year that include a professional dental cleaning, exam, and x-rays. Just keeping these basic dental appointments can help us identify conditions early before they become painful, more expensive, and more complex to treat.

Even if you do not have dental insurance, having regular appointments such as exams and professional cleanings is a good investment in your overall health and can help you stay healthy.

To find out if you have benefits remaining for the year, or to schedule a preventive appointment or outstanding treatment, contact our office.