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Don't Let Your dentures Ruin Your Smile

The fact is that if they don’t fit correctly, dentures can be embarrassing. You might think that creating comfortable, snugly fitting dentures is easy, but it actually takes great skill from your dentist and depends on your anatomy, too. When you lose bone, it makes it difficult for your dentures to fit properly because they attach to your bony ridge, but when your ridge deteriorates, they may come loose and even fall out or shift while you eat or talk.

This creates problems for your comfort, as well. When your dentures shift about and move while you chew, you can get denture sores and painful ulcerations from the friction they cause. Additionally, because they don’t feel stable, your diet may become limited because you will not be able to eat foods that require a large amount of chewing.

When you come to either our Boca Raton or Fort Lauderdale locations, we will evaluate your oral health and determine if you have sufficient bone to retain your dentures. Our dentists are experts at creating dentures that fit well and function properly. Not only that, but we believe dentures should look great, too! Technology has come a long way and we can help you look your best as well as eat the foods you love.

If your bone structure is insufficient, we may be able to secure your dentures using a treatment method called All-on-4. All-on-4 is a treatment that includes four strategically placed dental implants that allow your denture to “lock in” and stay put. That means no more worries about embarrassing denture malfunctions. Implant-retained dentures have the added bonus of helping you retain your remaining bone, which allows you to stay healthier for longer.

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