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Sinus Lift

Because implants are gaining in popularity as more and more people realize their benefits, we try to make implants a possibility for all of our patients. Thanks to advancements in procedures and technology, we are able to offer implants to more patients than ever.

In order to surgically place your dental implants, you must have enough bone to successfully surround the entire structure. For some people, bone loss is a real concern and it can prevent them from having dental implants, especially on the upper jaw.

A few reasons why your bone might be insufficient include:

  • The upper jaw naturally has less bone
  • Tooth loss causes bone resorption
  • Periodontal disease
  • Sinuses could be too close to the bone

We offer sinus lifts at both locations. Sinus lifts, also known as sinus augmentation, so that our patients can qualify to have successful dental implants.

Much like bone grafting, sinus lifts increase the amount of bone you have. With sinus lifts, we focus on the area between your sinus cavity and your jaw. Sinus lifts are a surgical procedure, and Dr. Tatiana Herzog is experienced in successful sinus lift surgery. Your comfort is very important to us. We will make sure you are completely numb and totally comfortable for this and all procedures in our dental offices.


In order to determine if you need bone grafting or sinus augmentation, we will take x-rays and any imaging necessary to determine the location and amount of bone we need. That way, we have a visual guide when we perform the surgery and we can accurately estimate the amount of donor bone we will need.

How a Sinus Lift Works

In order to increase the bone between your upper molar area and your sinuses, we need to obtain appropriate donor bone. This donor bone can come from you (autogenous bone), bone from a cadaver (allogeneic bone), or bovine bone (xenograft). Much like in bone grafting, we will place the donor bone at the site and allow time to for it to regenerate.

We may need to raise the sinus membrane in order to increase the bone in that area. The amount of bone will vary, but is usually a few millimeters, depending on your needs.

Sinus Lift Aftercare

You should have your sinus lift procedure outside of allergy season if you suffer from allergies. You should not blow your nose hard during the healing time because you could cause damage to the sinus lift site. We recommend follow up appointments to ensure that you are healing properly. We will wait several months for your bone to harden before doing any implant surgeries.

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