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Root Canal

Root Canal Therapy


Root canal therapy is not as intimidating as it sounds. While many patients associate root canals with pain, the pain is actually from the condition, not the treatment. Tatiana Herzog DDS knows our patients want to experience compassionate, pain-free dentistry and that is why she chose Dr. Stephen Mangan to provide root canal therapy to our patients.

Dr. Mangan is an endodontist. That means he is a specialist in root canal therapy. His experience, expertise, and gentle touch will help restore your dental health quickly and painlessly.

When Root Canal Therapy Is Necessary

Even though we work very diligently to help you maintain your dental health, sometimes a root canal is necessary. Root canals are often a final effort to save your tooth in the event of trauma or infection.

This type of therapy leaves the tooth structure intact, while removing any infected or damaged material from your tooth. The result is usually reduced pain, swelling, and sensitivity.

Typically, the first symptom of needing a root canal is pain or sensitivity. You may also experience swelling in the area around the affected tooth or general facial swelling. Other indications include throbbing or a small pimple-like eruption on your gums.

Root Canal Therapy

Often an x-ray can help us to determine if your tooth needs a root canal. Our patients sometimes make an exam appointment because of pain, and we use digital x-rays to diagnose your condition.

If you need a root canal, Dr. Steven Mangan will make sure you are completely numb and totally comfortable for your procedure. Then he will begin by making a small hole in your tooth in order to gain access to the root canal. He will very carefully sterilize the inside of your tooth and remove any infection. Dr. Mangan may decide to place special medication inside your tooth to keep it healthy. When he is finished, he will seal your tooth to keep out bacteria.

Once you have a root canal, we may recommend a crown for your root canal tooth. Once your tooth has a root canal, it can become brittle and may shatter or break. A crown protects your tooth from harm.

Healing After a Root Canal

Once your root canal procedure is complete, your body’s immune system will take over and you should feel improvement within a few days. You could experience sensitivity for a short time, but that should go away.

We go through all of this trouble to save your tooth because losing a tooth creates other dental complications. Saving your natural tooth is the preferable way to go, if possible. When you visit Lifestyle Dental Group, we will treat you with exceptional care and consideration and always offer you the treatment we would want for our own families’ health.

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If you suspect you may need a root canal, call us right away. Early treatment increases our chances of saving your tooth. The best way to find out how we can relieve your pain is to call either our Ft. Lauderdale or Boca Raton dental offices to schedule an evaluation.

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