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All-on-4 Implant Supported Dentures

Fort Lauderdale all-on-4 dental implantsServing her patients is Dr. Tatiana Herzog’s passion. She wanted to find a solution for our patients who required dentures but had trouble with them fitting properly. Seeing her patients struggle motivated Dr. Herzog to find a solution that would work for patients with compromised bone levels to comfortably wear full dentures.

Having ill-fitting dentures can be difficult, embarrassing, and uncomfortable. Being able to eat the foods you want to maintain your nutrition is so important for your overall health. That is why Dr. Herzog decided to offer the highly effective All-on-4 procedure at both locations.

All-on-4 is a treatment concept trademarked by the Nobel Biocare dental implant company. All-on-4 utilizes the concepts and procedures for dentures as well as implants to provide our patients with stable full upper or lower dentures.

What Is All-on-4?

All-on-4 utilizes four strategically placed dental implants, specially created to work with dentures. The implants are placed in areas where the force from your dentures will be distributed evenly in such a way that promotes stability for your prosthetic.

This type of procedure allows our patients the freedom and confidence they always wanted with dentures without the pastes, gels, and concerns over embarrassing moments. Because your dentures will be supported by dental implants, you do not have to worry about them falling or coming out while you talk or eat.

Benefits of All-on-4 Implant Supported Dentures

When you lose teeth, you may also begin to lose bone. Your bone and teeth depend on one another for strength. Missing teeth often cause your bone to recede, making implants impossible. But because of the advanced technology of the longer, angled dental implants used in All-on-4 procedures, you may still be able to have implant supported dentures.

This concept has been utilized for over a decade with excellent clinical results. All-on-4 works well for fixed or removable dentures, meeting your needs and offering flexibility in treatment planning. Our dentists will create a treatment plan that promotes your best possible outcome.

Treatment planning is done with NobelGuide, a specialized software program designed to assist dentists in achieving the best possible clinical results. NobelGuide makes treatment planning flow more smoothly, increasing patient satisfaction and decreasing overall treatment time.

All-on-4 can help maintain your remaining bone structure, improving your dental health and longevity. Retaining your bone protects your appearance and keeps you looking younger.

Call Us for a Full Denture Evaluation

The best way to find out if All-on-4 will work for you is to call our Ft. Lauderdale or Boca Raton dental offices to schedule a full evaluation. Once we determine if you are a good candidate for All-on-4, we can help you with the next steps and make sure your entire dental experience is both successful and exceptional. Our entire team looks forward to providing you with outstanding dental care.

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